Sunday, August 30, 2009

New blog

Since Alivia is now officially a citizen, (her social security card
came in the mail and everything) she has moved on to bigger and better
blogs (mostly just because the website is easier for family to remember)
She and I are out of town with the volleyball team that I coach.. So
there isn't much to the blog right now, but that will change...
Someday... When I get a spare minute (not holding my breath though)
even as I type this blog with 1 thumb from my iPhone (because Alivia
is currently occupying my OTHER hand) it's 5:30 am, I have 1 and a
half hours of sleep in me for the past 2 days- and I am headed outside
to wake up 12 high school girls for some team-building exercises. In a
few hours we will all be hiking to Silver Falls, spending the day
bonding then making the 3 hour trip back home... Life is a little
crazy and chaotic, but indescribably good.

Visit the new blog:

-Kristin Bryan
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 1 pics

more pics

A ton of pictures, in no particular order... blogger does not have the most efficient photo upload tool... and i don't have the energy to fix them right now :-)

Alivia Lynn

8/12/09 3:21pm
6lbs 8ounces
Perfectly healthy