Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week 15 (and a half)

Yes that half a week makes a big difference (at least in my head).
I had another doctors appointment this week, and I have another one next week now too.
Apparently, despite my growing belly, I have lost a significant amount of weight.. and have continually lost more each appointment I go to (I can't imagine how when I throw everything up..)
so my doctor prescribed yet ANOTHER anti-nausea medicine, and required that I come back in a week to make sure I haven't lost any more.
BUT - on the positive side - heartbeat is still going strong at 150 BPM (down 10 bpm from last time.. but she assured me all was still well)
We also got to schedule our ultrasound, March 17th at 7:00am (first thing in the morning, because I'm not a very patient person) so I added a little poll on the side there for you to weigh in on whether you think it's a boy or girl >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am definitely starting to show.. and I feel like it happened overnight. My pants still fit, but shirts don't look that great anymore (especially since I'm in the stage where most people would just think you're really fat and not actually pregnant).

As has become a tradition, I am including a photo of the fruit that corresponds to this week (but one website said "apple" and one said "orange".. so who knows really?

oh... also, we have decided for sure that we are going to be cloth diapering, so if anyone has any good resources, tips, etc... please.. lay them on me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update and 13 Weeks

So I have failed at posting pictures of our trip, and updating you on our doctors appointment and hearing the heartbeat. I don't suppose it's a good enough excuse that I have been sick for 17 days now?

The day of our doctor's appointment was the climax of the flu that I got, so I had a fever and felt like.. well.. poo during the appointment. We got to hear the heartbeat, but it's not really that exciting when you're focusing on not throwing up on the nice doctor. (according to Luke it was really amazing to hear the heartbeat.. I will let you know after my NEXT appointment, when hopefully I will be feeling better)

My fever broke that night, but that just led into getting this coughy, throat, cold thing the next day. So I went a few weeks without sleeping because I was up all night coughing. and I spent all day coughing so hard that I couldn't keep food down. After about a week and a half of this I decided I should probably go see a doctor, since I pretty sure it's not good on the baby to be without nutrients or sleep for that long.

After seeing the doctor things started to get better, but I still don't feel GOOD.

It's been a fun few weeks :-)

Bitty B has grown from a lime to a peach (I like peaches better anyway) and we're now only 5 weeks away from getting to find out if the room will be pink or blue (I'm not actually sure that we will do pink OR blue.. but it got the point across) It will also be nice to get some clothes in the nursery closet that aren't unisex. If it takes much longer than 5 weeks we aren't going to have any room for gender-specific clothing.. the closet is already half full :-/ (Carter's had a GREAT sale).

Good times.