Friday, January 2, 2009

Countdown ticker is getting better

I just noticed that the picture on the countdown ticker is getting significantly less gross (still a little scary, but LESS scary)

Also, I think the picture below that I posted is incorrect. I have a feeling the internet may have lied to me (curse you google image search) I think that baby is much farther along than ours is.. but I still think it's cuter than the current version of ours.. so I'm going to keep it up there.

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Luke and Kristen Gehring said...

I have been directing some of our friends to our blogsite and they have been commenting on how confused they are. Our names are Luke and Kristen, we live in Oregon - the Portland area, we have been married four years, have a yellow lab and we are expecting our first child in June. Some of our friends have been typing in our blogspot address, but spelling my name "Kristin" instead of "Kristen". I can see how they would be confused! Try Just thought we'd say hello and introduce ourselves. :) -Luke and Kristen