Monday, March 30, 2009

Changer/Dresser & CLOTHES

Baby's changing table/dresser is being delivered today (see photo below) so this weekend, in preparation for the arrival, Luke and I spent a day removing tags from all of the clothes that we have thus far (**NOTE** I think we have plenty of 6 month onesies - so when baby shower time comes around ... we don't need any more of this size, thanks) reading washing instructions (I already have a love/hate relationship with this super cute white sweater that we have that apparently has to be hung up to dry - my least favorite thing about laundry) and doing 3.75 loads of baby laundry (most of the clothes have to be dried on "delicate" so I am counting 0.25 extra loads for each extra drying cycle) Then we folded them, and organized them by size - so excited to get the dresser put together and put the clothes away!
We also spent some time researching baby names and their meanings - and have compiled a work-in-progress list to take with us to the hospital. And, to all of you who have been asking about what we have named her - we aren't going to name her until we actually SEE her, but we will have our list narrowed down by then - and we will post as the list gets shorter.


Randy and Danielle said...

I must say again - it is the coolest thing to read and hear all the cool new exciting adventures you guys are getting to embrace! You sure seem to be enjoying every moment! Keep it up - it's the BEST!

Luke & Kristin said...

Hi Danielle!
We ARE enjoying every minute of it (except the waiting - we are bad waiters.. and we still have like 5 months of waiting left to do)
But I suppose we probably have 5 months of preparing left to do as well, so it's probably for the best ;-)
We would take any of the girl advice you can give, as almost all of my nannying experience was for boys.. hmmm.
hope all is well over in the land of potatoes! (I could have sworn that potatos didn't have an "E" but my spell check is telling me it does)

Randy and Danielle said...

yeah... I can't really help w/ the potato's spelling... that's what I thought too!
Here is some good advice - be prepared for EMOTIONS!!!
Oh My - Oh My... SO maybe be asking God right now for extra grace so you will have tons to give out by the time she is 2! :0)
Hope you are having a wonderful day and she is kicking lots! (Enjoy it now cause it gets annoying at the end!)