Friday, March 13, 2009

a little over 17 weeks - and baby's first trip to Vegas!

Well, we are 3.5 days away from the much-anticipated ultrasound - I went to Carters today and bought a bunch of only-girl clothes and only-boy clothes (as opposed to the unisex outfits I have already) I had a good coupon. And we will simply be returning the stack of clothes that we WON'T be using after Tuesdays announcement. Unfortunately, I got home and started putting the clothes away only to find that my mom and I picked out approximately 5 TIMES the boys clothes as girls - I'm wondering if that is a sign??

I took a (very) last minute trip to Las Vegas last Sunday to watch the OSU girls golf team play in a tournament (my sister is the assistant coach, in case you weren't aware of that) I lost $80 - which is sad, because the last 4 trips to Vegas I have come out ahead - but it was still a very good time. Whenever someone smoked near my I simply got up and waited until they were finished before returning to the table that I was playing at (I don't like the smell of cigarette smoke anyway, but when you're thinking about the health of an unborn baby it because even MORE appalling)

Just got back from (another) weekly doctor appointment - this time.. I PASSED the test!! no more weekly appointments - I GAINED a pound (they were very proud of me - which made me laugh, becuase I think pregnancy is the only time in your life where you get to rejoice over gaining an extra pound) And anyone that has seen me lately knows EXACTLY where that pound has gone, because my "baby bump" is getting quite large (I swear I'll post pictures someday)

Until then... here's the 17 week TURNIP (yep, baby's a turnip now)

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