Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We had our ultrasound this morning at 7:00am (ultrasound people start their workday early apparently)
We went through the whole ultrasound (which took longer than normal because our baby is obstinate and wouldn't turn over so he could check the heart thoroughly.

We gave the technician a blank card and envelope and asked that he not tell us the sex during the appointment but rather write the news on the card and seal it up.

Then we went and got coffee and opened our present!! (it was a lot like Christmas morning)

here is what we saw:
and here are some scanned (so not good quality) ultrasound photos of the little girl spud. We are getting a copy of the CD so we will have better quality digital photos later.. and our ultrasound technician was a really weird guy.. and he wrote "hi mom and dad" on ALL of our copies.. so.. there's that..

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