Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ultrasound pictures

Here are the digital files of our ultrasound pictures. I'm sure this won't be anything to special to most of you, because I never thought ultrasound pictures were before.. usually I couldn't tell what I was looking at, and even when I could... all the babies looked the same. But I do have to admit that it was different being in there and watching it live. (plus.. if you look at her nose.. it doesn't look like she got my nose.. which is a really good thing)
I didn't include all of the REALLY interesting ones like "cross section of the heart" "long angle of the spine" "left ventricle something something" (I didn't know what he was talking about for MOST of the appointment)

So here she is:

This one looks like she's praying.

and here she is shaking her fist at the personality-less ultrasound technician that kept messing with her trying to get her to turn over.

Just a little hand waving goodbye.

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joshandkarlee said...

Congrats on the baby girl! Those are some clear ultrasound pictures. I can't wait to see some baby bump pictures!