Sunday, March 15, 2009

I need your help ---

First - our crib came on Tuesday, and my lovely husband got it all put together (it was best I wasn't in town to "help" with this process) Our "guest room" is officially no longer a guest room. It is a nursery with one piece of furniture (and a blackjack table, poker chips, card shuffler and a Rubbermaid full of office supplies that still need to find a new home) but regardless - it's starting to feel more like a nursery.
Here is a picture of the crib that we chose:
(It converts into a daybed, toddler bed, and eventually a full-sized headboard and footboard.

Now here is where I need help - I found some crib bedding that I really like, and THEN I made the mistake of showing it to my mom... who doesn't like it - and she created reasonable doubt in my mind.. so I need your opinion. Is this crib bedding a winner.... or not?
(now, I realize that it looks like there is a LOT going on, but I think that's mostly because they have the bedding and ALL of the accessories right next to each other... so try to picture this stuff spread out throughout a reasonably sized room - and with a white crib of course)

and here is a closeup of the print itself (not the striped part - just the circles):


Randy and Danielle said...

A good thing to remember is that babies little minds are stimulated w/ bold colors and "a lot" going on. I like it and think it would be good spread out!

Eric and Lindsay said...

I like it too! Plus I think it works for a boy or girl.

Leanna said...

I agree with your friends' comments--she is going to have a lot of things to look at, and that's not a bad thing. It also stays with your color schemes, too. It is bright and cheery--not that you needed your mother-in-law's approval, but I like it, and I'm sure she will, too.